How Often Are Roof Inspections Needed?

How Often Are Roof Inspections Needed?

You don’t give a lot of attention to it, however the roof of your home is the primary thing that shields you from outside elements. If you want to ensure that your roof stays in perfect condition and leak free, then regular inspection is essential. 

Yet, the question remains – “How often are roof inspections needed?”.

Each roof is somewhat unique. Hence, it is not always simple to determine when, precisely, to have a roof inspection done. For this reason, there are guidelines and recommendations that have been created over the years with respect to how often your roof ought to be inspected along with the factors that significantly affect your roof. Being aware of these rules and factors will make it simpler for a homeowner like you to keep maintaining the quality of the roof, while also knowing the ideal time for your roof to have a professional inspection. Here at All Weather Exteriors Winnipeg roofing, we have come up with these guidelines to help you:

1. Get An Annual Check-Up of Your Home’s Roof and Exteriors

Many property owners have no idea how often to have their roof inspection done. We suggest you get your roof and the exterior of your property evaluated yearly at the very least. Planning a yearly roof assessment is basic to guarantee that your roof is in pristine condition. You should have a professional inspection done consistently and more frequently, depending upon your roof’s  age, or every time you notice a damage, or after a big storm.

The yearly assessment allows you to understand the condition of your roof which will help you determine whether you need to have repairs done or a complete roof replacement. The yearly roof inspection helps you to get ready for the future and respond more quickly to harms in case there are any. If you do not remember the last time you had a roof inspection, have it done immediately. With most local roofing contractors, there’s no big hassle or cost involved to get an inspection.

2. If You Have Never Had Your Current Home Inspected

In case you are thinking whether you should get a roof inspection, then maybe you should. If you have been living in your home for longer than one year and you have never had a roof inspection, then you should definitely have it. Moving into a previously owned home can be fun and exciting, however it can likewise be a  discovery of DIY and home upkeep turned out badly. Similarly, if you have lived in a home for some time and cannot remember the last time a professional roofing contractor checked your roof, then it is the best time to plan a roof inspection. 

3. If You Are Buying or Selling Your Home 

Prior to selling your home, get a thorough roof inspection. The assessment might uncover vital fixes like shingle replacement or gutter replacement. A new roof certainly increases a home’s value. Property owners can expect to recuperate basically 60% of the roof’s expense in added home value. In some cases, a new roof can build a home’s value enough to recuperate the whole expense of the roof. These fixes can make your home more attractive and will give confidence to buyers, avoiding space for negotiations. A roof inspection may also confirm that your roof is in great condition. No matter what sellers say about their roof, having a roof assessment to prove their claim is what will always matter to a prospective buyer. 

Similarly, buyers ought to get a property inspection prior to moving in if the vendor is unable to provide thorough documentation of roof condition. Frequently, home warranties will cover fixes to your home’s exteriors within the first year which is even more motivation to get your roof inspection done as soon as you can. 

4. After a Big Storm 

If your region has encountered hail or outrageous breezes, you probably need a roof inspection. Indeed, even a little hail can prompt harm which causes tears in materials resulting in exposure to elements. Even with no visible exterior damage, there might be loose shingles, missing granules or leaks that could harm your home’s interior.

Your property’s insurance might help cover expenses with repairing damages, so it is fundamental to get a roof inspection as soon as you can. A drone inspection alongside an actual roof inspection will provide pictures and information you can use as confirmation of damage when you file your insurance claims. 

5. Presence of Damage 

Do not waste time if you notice roof damage.  A missing shingle or dented siding is reason to worry since it most likely implies a more serious issue exists. Whether the damage is because of outrageous climate or wear and tear over time, act before the interior of your home is compromised. Call your Winnipeg professional roofing contractor for an inspection. We will never suggest going up your roof, however, any information you can give before the inspection will help your contractor where to concentrate. 

Do-It-Yourself or Hire a Professional?

Another thing you might be undecided about is whether you should hire a professional or  do it yourself. You may think inspecting your roof should not be that difficult, but the inspection process is more intensive than you think. Roof assessment includes more than just checking for significant tears and holes. A full-scale checklist ought to be completed each spring and fall. You need to check for quite a few things, examining seals around each component and basically ensuring that your roof is 100% in good condition and prepared to deal with any issues that might come. Many roofing companies in Winnipeg offer roof inspection services, so make sure that you choose a company that can provide you with a full-scale evaluation of your roof and at the same time give you the best recommendations.

Benefit From Regular Roof Inspections with All Weather Exteriors

Your roof can have a very long life expectancy when properly maintained. A well-maintained shingle will mostly last twenty years. A roof is a wise venture for the existence of your home. It boosts its appeal and shields the interior of the house from harm. On the off chance that you think your roof needs a professional inspection, call All Weather Exteriors today at 204.510.2959. 

At All Weather Exteriors, we will cautiously assess all parts of your roof and distinguish any areas that need fixing or replacement. Our roof experts will provide you with recommendations after taking the time to completely evaluate the state of your roof. We assess your roof from exterior to interior. Holes, black mold, and missing or damaged installation can affect how well your roof functions, and can only be shown by an attic inspection because they might be hidden from the outside. We know there is a ton to think about with regards to assessing your roof, but it is worth it in the long run. A roof inspection ought to be booked same with other significant maintenance tasks. It winds up setting aside your time and money later on. Reach us at our online contact form to guarantee your roof gets the care it needs!

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