All Weather Exteriors knows siding, we use Hardie board Siding and recommends it both for look and durability in Winnipeg’s harsh climate. The siding for your home needs to be strong, sturdy, and well built. In addition to all these factors, your siding must be able to withstand harsh weather conditions and survive every aspect of temperature and external pressure. Above all, you must be extremely careful to not go beyond your planned budget to a siding for your home. Make sure to get home a good quality siding in the decided budget. You may go a little beyond means to get a good quality material, but don’t end up becoming a spendthrift only after a siding.


Hardie board is a type of siding that is fiber cement-based. It is available both in the pre-painted and the prime form. It is a durable material that can barely done the job of protecting the exterior of your home from unavoidable issues.

Additionally, this product is attractive and better looking than other siding materials too. Which is why Hardie boards are quite popular in the making of sidings in all of Winnipeg.

What are the advantages of using Hardie Board?

There are multiple benefits of using the Hardie board as your siding. It is sturdy, strong, stylish, and quite good looking too. Though many people may differ, it is quite reasonably priced too for a product of that quality.

Above all, the local weather conditions of Winnipeg prove that only Hardie board can be the best option as a siding for all homes here. Given below are a few more reasons why using Hardie board as your siding can be nothing but the best option.

  1. Less repair and maintenance: Other sidings need to be repaired constantly every year or so. Sidings which are made up of slightly better quality of materials may last up to a decade at the most. But Hardie board is even longer lasting. A siding made up of Hardie board requires much lesser repair and maintenance than other sidings. Once Hardie board is installed, you needn’t repair it for 15 years straight, except if specific need be. Even when you do need to repair the siding, you only have to get a water-based exterior paint applied, and you’re good to go!
  2. Strong and sturdy: Being string and sturdy is the basic requirement of any siding for your home. The purpose of having a siding is to create a barrier between your home and the external surrounding so that your home is free of any unwanted disturbances. Hardie board does this job exceptionally well. It is an excellent material which is not only tough and strong but quite good looking too. It will immediately up the look of your home like nothing else can.
  3. Weight and flexibility: If there is one drawback of using a Hardie board, it has to be this. The Hardie board is a little too tough and strong. In other words, it is not quite flexible to fit in and accommodate wherever you want it. In addition to that, Hardie boards are quite lightweight too. Having said that, make sure you don’t resort to a Hardie board if heavy and flexible sidings are what you are looking for.
  4. Easy installation: This may seem like a false statement, but Hardie board is pretty easy to install as a siding. It poses no complexities and is quite simple to understand and build. Of course, one cannot possibly do it by themselves and, hence, there needs to be a professional involved. But even so, it can be setup in much lesser time than you’d anticipate and provide for a better siding than other commercial product.
  5. Fire-resistant: This is, perhaps, one of the most exclusive features of a siding made of Hardie board. It is fire-resistant, and not only that, it can be manufactured according to whatever type you want it to be made in. The designs that Hardie board can be made into are available in a plenty of variety. These designs range from cedar single siding to lap-board siding.
  6. Safe and secure: (from insects) In addition to the previously mentioned advantages, Hardie board is not quite the best home for insects. It is specially engineered and designed in such a way to discourage insects from building their homes inside.

    People who have faced issues regarding insects in their homes are quite aware of this issue and will even wish it upon their enemy. Hardie board eliminates this possibility completely and provides a safe and a carefree siding for your home and its protection.

  7. Affordably priced: True that one does not look for cheap quality material while building the sidings for their home. The sidings are expected to protect the exterior of the home from harsh weather conditions.

    Despite it, saving a few bucks does no harm, and Hardie boards give you that advantage. They are quite affordable and reasonably priced. Therefore, getting your siding in the form of the Hardie board gives you nothing but only advantages in multiple forms


True that there are multiple materials for building the siding for your home in Winnipeg, but Hardie board beats them all. Sidings are not just expected to protect the exterior of your home but should also take the look of your home several notches higher than it really is.

Any siding that you choose must be able to resist insects and other destruction while maintaining its looks simultaneously. And these factors solely depend upon the material which makes up the siding of your home.

Hardie boards not only provide all such advantages but are quite affordable too. Additionally, they are the trend these days. Due to all these reasons, there cannot be a better choice of material for the siding of your home than Hardie board.

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