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Winnipeg Roofing Safety Measures

Winnipeg Professional roofers work high off the ground on a daily basis. No matter how skilled a crew roofer member might be, no matter how much experience a roofer  might have, they must never become complacent about staying safe on the premises. The safety of a roofer, as well as the other crews on the …

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hail damage

Hail Damage to Asphalt Roofing

Various areas in Canada receive hail in every year, and Winnipeg is no exception. Since asphalt shingles are the most common residential roofing in Winnipeg, you need to know about dealing with hailstorms. Regardless of the material used in your roof, your home roofing is one important structure of your home which you should inspect every …

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damage shingles


A damaged roof can lead to more problems for your home and people living in the house. Every year, many homeowners consult a roofing contractor for roof repairs.  Many factors tend to weaken your roof, and before getting these damages repaired, it is advisable to get them inspected by a contractor. Also, most homeowners ignore …

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roofing safety wear


As high temperatures push people to the highest points in their homes or workplaces (whether or not they have legal access) it’s important to keep safety in mind. For most parts of the country, the warmer months are also roofing season, making roof safety an even higher priority. Admittedly, being high in the sky is …

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