Why Do Homeowners Keep Choosing Asphalt Shingle Roofing?

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Roofing options today are practically boundless, and that implies that property holders can look over a broad scope of roofing materials when purchasing another roof. Whether you are introducing a new roof on a recently built home or replacing an older roof, a roof system is a major investment that requires cautious consideration.

And among that wide scope of materials to choose from, asphalt shingles keep on being incredibly famous and the best option for most property owners. But, why would that be? What makes asphalt shingles so well known and fantastic?

Although there are various sorts of roofing materials accessible these days, property owners keep on favoring asphalt shingle roofs which are presented from companies in Winnipeg roofing like All Weather Exteriors.

Many Winnipeg homeowners justifiably set something aside for metal or tile roofing. All things considered, assuming you truly needed a roof that is dependable outstanding long-term life expectancy, and execution, these roofing materials are awesome. However, asphalt shingles roofs have a huge load of advantages that can help any homeowner as much as metal roofs.

Read on and find out! We present to you some of their most prominent advantages and show you why asphalt shingles can be an incredible decision for your home.


1. Affordability

The main justification for why property holders continue picking asphalt shingles is that they offer the most practical choice. Nonetheless, the advantages of shingles stretch out a long way far beyond essentially being affordable. Shingles likewise give an elevated degree of sturdiness at the cost, offering a comparative life expectancy to other roofing materials. Modern shingle roofs convey warranties for up to 50 years.

Experienced roofers and home improvement specialists know that asphalt shingles are the savviest roofing choice. Asphalt shingles give quality and solidness at a sensible cost. Great affordability! There’s no question that the lower cost of asphalt shingles is a significant propelling factor in their prominence. Anywhere you can save money on roof replacement costs without losing value, is something worth being thankful for.

Property holders don’t need to go as far as a lesser-quality item to have a reasonable roof. Exemplary asphalt shingles are probably the cheapest roofing materials accessible. The cost will fluctuate contingent upon the quality of the shingles bought, however, asphalt shingles commonly cost around $100 per square. This is essentially less expensive than other quality materials like cedar, metal, or clay which can cost from $470 to $800 a square.

2. Versatility

Asphalt shingles are known for their versatility They are viable with pretty much every sort of roof even the enormous and convoluted roofing systems. Asphalt shingles are promptly accessible in a wide variety of shapes, and sizes. This makes it simple to make your roofing fit your ideal “vibe.”

Shingles are also decided frequently for their appearance. Asphalt shingles come in styles and varieties which can complement the general curbside appeal of any home. Shingles can likewise be made to convincingly copy the vibe of roofing materials like wood, slate, and tile.

3. Easy to Install

Another reason asphalt shingles are the favored material choice in Winnipeg, Manitoba is that they are not difficult to install. This keeps work costs down and abbreviates the installation time, so you can enjoy your new roof sooner. Though you’ll have to hire a professional roofer to take care of the job, an asphalt shingle project will finish quickly and without any problem. Asphalt shingles go on easily without an entire pack of additional machinery, tools, or training required. A roofing contractor with plenty of experience can get your asphalt shingle roof installed in only a brief time.

4. Energy-Efficiency

Not every person knows about this, but introducing asphalt shingles can improve your home’s energy efficiency. GAF shingles are generally made with unique granules, which add to decreasing intensity assimilation. That implies your HVAC doesn’t have to exhaust, allowing you to enjoy significant reserve funds on your energy bills.

5. Prevent Structural Problems and Complications

Asphalt shingles are not difficult to transport and install as they are lightweight and extremely strong.

What’s more, because of this lightweight, you won’t have to utilize extra help structures while installing them on your roof. Your roof’s current structure will easily bear the heaviness of the asphalt shingles and will pleasantly match their design.

Installing asphalt shingles on the roof is additionally less confounded than installing different sorts of roofing frameworks. An expert roofer will be able to install them on time and within budget, ensuring that the shingles are appropriately and securely attached.

Asphalt shingles are lightweight, so they will not be overwhelming your roof’s supporting designs. They are waterproof, repelling moisture and helping keep it out of your storage room.


As may be obvious, installing asphalt shingles can furnish you with several benefits. Just make sure to pick a reputable roofing contractor in Winnipeg. Considering their numerous incredible benefits, it is no surprise that asphalt shingles’ popularity is still growing. They will be an extraordinary choice for your home, also, giving you a strong roof that will serve you for long years to come.

If you are considering a residential roof replacement and would like to have asphalt shingles installed, call your best roof replacement experts. For a roofer, you can trust, contact All Weather Exteriors. We offer complete roofing and home exteriors services including new roof installation, roof replacement, and repairs. We offer a free estimate on all of our work. Call us now at (204) 510 2959 to get a free quote. 

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