Roofing Styles in Winnipeg and Facts on Shingles.

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Whether you’re looking for a Winnipeg roofing contractor for roof leaks, roof repair, maintenance or new installs, figuring out the style of roof you want for your house is going to be a major decision in the process. There are many different styles to choose from, but as you can probably tell by looking around your neighborhood (especially if you’ve traveled to other parts of the country) there’s a distinct Winnipeg residential roof most of us automatically think of the standard quo for shingles, which are asphalt or composition. There are, in fact, a lot of different options for your roof; however, some of those options are not suited to Winnipeg’s climate and drastic temperature changes.

Asphalt Shingle. The main reason is that homeowners like the depth and texture of the two-layer laminated shingle look. Laminated shingles offer highly contrasting color blends to give roofs a more dramatic impact. Contractors like the way they’re installed because of their random appearance. This means that the shingle alignment is simpler than that of traditional three-tab shingles.  If you have a sloped roof, this is a popular style of roofing due to its economical pricing. Add accessories such as enhanced ridging or seamless gutters to boost the amount of money you save on energy and efficiency. Plus, asphalt shingling is available in many different colors so you can stand out from other homes in your Winnipeg neighborhood.

Shingles are perfectly safe for harvesting water as they are not composed of any harmful materials. The granules coating the shingles are naturally mined. All of All Weather Exteriors roofing products are environmentally friendly. The asphalt shingles are actually more fire resistant than the traditional shingles. Most insurance companies will be hesitant to ensure the wooden shingles because of their chances of catching fire.

While it is true that darker-colored shingles will get warmer than lighter-colored shingles on sunny days, this does not necessarily translate directly to higher home cooling costs. Shingles have an efficient ventilating system that allows for effective cooling.

Depending on your budget and living situation, you can choose from any number of roofing styles to best fit your home. Upgrading to a new shingle look and technology can increase the curb appeal and energy efficiency of your home. No matter which roofing style you choose, be sure that you have a qualified Winnipeg roofing contractor for your installation.

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