Tips to get your Home’s Roof Ready for Summer Storm

summer storm

With spring already here and summer on its way, it’s time to start preparing for any potential warmer-weather storm.. With beautiful sunny skies and nice warm temperatures, you wouldn’t expect the summer months to cause storm damage to your roof. Can your roof withstand the Summer storm season? If you aren’t sure, there are some easy ways to prepare.

There are several preventative measures that can be taken to protect the roof of your home from summer storm damage. All Weather Exteriors offer these helpful tips so you can start preparing now in the event of another stormy summer season.

  • Before that first big spring/summer storm touches down, you need to clean out your gutters. Any debris such as sticks and leaves that piled up over the winter can cause your gutters to back up. If they back up, they’re going to cause some major problems for your roof and your home. Since gutters are attached to our homes to protect the foundation from getting damaged, you’re risking an abundance of flooding and water damage to your ceiling and walls. All Weather Exteriors offers a free gutter evaluation that determines how well your gutters are functioning.

  • Trim back any tree branches or limbs that are hanging near or on your roof or overhead wires. Remove any dead trees and limbs from your property. While you may not consider this a priority, if a branch happens to be too long, it could fall on your home and cause serious damage. The spring and summer storms that we typically see bring a lot of wind and rain, so it’s very likely that an unstable tree could topple right over and land on your roof. If that happened, you’d likely have to replace your roof or the shingles.

  • Secure any items that could become flying projectiles during a windstorm or hurricane, including grills, patio furniture, canoes, or anything not attached to the ground or a secure structure.

  • If your yard tends to develop pools of water around your home, your foundation is at risk. Work with contractors and lawn service to slope your yard away from your house. This will help keep the rainwater from sitting in a puddle and causing damage to your foundation.

While there’s no way to stop a storm from coming, you can minimize its damages by taking precautions. By following our storm preparation tips and calling us for a storm damage inspection immediately after severe weather, you’ll weather the storm just fine with a little help from your friends at the All Weather Exteriors!

As a full-service roofing company, All Weather Exteriors routine roof inspections, storm preparation services, and storm damage services that include storm damage property evaluations, roof repairs or roof replacement, and assistance with the insurance claim filing process.

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