Why Should You Consider a Copper Chimney Cap and Flashing?

Historically, chimneys have been the most likely area of a home to leak. This can happen for a number of reasons, the most common of which is that the chimney flashing was installed in an untrained way.

Your home or office chimney can be made from a variety of materials. It is typically made of masonry materials such as brick, stone, block, or concrete. Metal materials have recently become popular in chimney design, making an eye-catching statement to the exterior appearance of your structure.

You will locate a single or extended flue inside your chimney that will stick out directly above the fireplace and go all the way to the top. There is enough area on top to build a stylish and useful chimney cap.

Keeping the Elements away

To keep out animals and precipitation, the chimney and flue can be covered with a high-quality chimney cap. Also, some well-built caps are made to have little to no down draft, which increases the amount of smoke and gas that may escape from the fireplace through the chimney. The efficiency of your chimney can be improved and an incorrectly vented fireplace can be fixed with caps.

 Eliminate Rust

The majority of metal chimney caps are made of galvanized steel or stainless steel, both of which are prone to rusting over time. Steel and stainless steel caps frequently need ongoing maintenance or repair due to their persistent exposure to significant weather changes. As an alternative, copper has long been utilized as the appropriate capping material because it is both safe for the environment and durable.

Copper Is Stunning and Practical

Copper is a beautiful material that is used to build well-made homes and buildings. Copper can have a significant effect on the chimney and structure, developing a lovely patina over time. Moreover, it withstands persistent atmospheric and environmental conditions well.

A Moldable Substance

Copper is a very malleable substance that is simple to form into any shape. Stunning copper chimney caps are made in a variety of shapes, including a simple triangular design with long sweeping sides and a circular domed shape. Many eye-catching caps have crisp, rectangular shapes and straight lines.

Easy to Retrofit

You can easily retrofit your chimney and flue with a quality crafted copper cap, whether you have a new home or office under construction or an existing structure.

Chimney Flashing – Chimney Repairs & MaintenanceCopper chimney flashing not only adds extra storm protection to your home, but it also gives it a unique and beautiful appearance. Copper chimney flashing is the most durable and has the longest service life. It can last the life of your roof if properly maintained and serviced. It also has the benefit of being solderable, allowing for a watertight seal. Copper can also be integrated in new mortar and will not degrade, even if the mortar is constantly saturated. All Weather Exteriors provides copper flashing as well as a variety of drip edge options. Our flashing is made specifically for your chimney  sheet copper, and it is warrantied.

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