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Homeowners install a deck or fence on their property for a few reasons. Primarily, fences provide much-needed privacy, while decks give you a spot to unwind. They likewise help with increasing your property value in Winnipeg.

If your Winnipeg property has a decka and fence installed on it, you will realize as time goes by that the weather elements can negatively affect your wooden surfaces. If you don’t take appropriate action by re-sealing and re-staining them, they can turn into a costly home maintenance expenditure that can essentially diminish the worth of your home. The more you delay hiring a Winnipeg painting contractor, the more costly this endeavor will become.

Staining a new deck or fence adds some vibe to it, yet the color additionally shields the wood from harm caused by the weather. As much as re-staining a weathered deck or fence gives it a new look, it would likewise extend its life.

Home improvement projects are fun and exciting to do. Every homeowner would want to make sure that their home always looks new. The home exterior is the face of a home and so it is always important to make sure that it is well-maintained. Staining your deck and fence is a guaranteed way to improve that curb appeal of your property. If you like spending time outdoors, it’s a genuinely great investment that you will appreciate each time you spend time in our yard. At All Weather Exteriors a Winnipeg roofing company, we offer the top services for deck and fence staining. We can help you make your deck and fence look like new once more! 

Facts About Staining Fences

Private fences come in all shapes and sizes. They are sold in an assortment of materials, including wood, metal, and wire. Building a fence around your house is the most effortless approach to give your family more protection. Fences also deter criminals and guard children and pets. 

In the event that you settle on a wooden fence, you should also think about staining it. A single layer of stain will forestall discoloration and draw out the normal grain of the wood. Attempting to stain a fence by yourself is tedious work. There are such countless little hiding spots that are barely noticeable. It’s a lot simpler to sit back while a professional painting company like All Weather Exteriors takes care of the job for you.

Common Questions About Deck & Fence Staining Projects

How regularly should I stain my deck or fence?

Answer: With a transparent stain you ought to re-stain every 1 to 3 years. With a solid stain you can recoat every 2 – 5 years 

How can I know whether I need a strong stain or transparent/semi-transparent stain?

Answer: The less shade (color) your item has, the less protection you’ll get after some time. On the off chance that you’ve effectively utilized a solid stain or a paint previously, transparent options are at this point not reasonable. Some people prefer the transparent look that permits the regular shade of the wood to appear on the other side, however it requires more maintenance to support this look. 

Do I need to strip my deck each time I stain it? 

Answer: Actually the appropriate response is indeed, and we for the most part suggest it. Be that as it may, most clients don’t have the spending plan to do this. For this situation the most ideal choice is to reapply a similar product most last used. 

Our Fence Staining and Deck Painting Process 

Deck and fence staining and painting are about something more than just the curb appeal—they’re tied in with guarding your home’s outside features from water harm and decay for quite several years to come. All Weather Exteriors painters follow a demonstrated interaction to guarantee your fence and deck are appropriately maintained  during our services. Our process incorporates these primary steps:

While preparing a deck or a fence for staining, there are a few things we do prior to applying stain: 

  • Consultation: We’ll assist you with choosing the best strategy as indicated by your needs and financial budget.
  • We clean and plan at the ideal time of  the year. This step will be a lot harder if outside conditions are excessively wet, cold or humid.
  • All wood—new or old—is cleaned prior to staining. That incorporates “mill scale” on new wood, and stains, in addition to mold and dirt from old wood. 
  • We replace rotten wood. This is fundamental to guarantee a dependable long -lasting, and even stain. 
  • We eliminate stripping stains. This step is vital for a smooth completion. 
  • We apply two layers of stain. This is critical to guarantee full coverage.
  • Assessment. 

The Importance of Staining and Sealing 

Wood is flexible, strong, and normally satisfying to the eye, so it is expected that an incredible number of fences and decks are produced using this material. Despite its benefits, in any case, wood is likewise permeable, which means it contains a few holes openings that permit dampness, insects and different materials to enter. Over the long run, these undesirable guests can make the wood rot, debilitating its design and ruining its appearance. 

Deck stain (or fence stain, wood stain, tinted seal, and so forth) saturates the wood’s pores, effectively closing them off. This means that dampness and different impurities can’t access the wood and cause harm. Thus, appropriately staining or sealing your wooden highlights significantly improves their solidness and life span. The best part is that staining your fence or deck works on their general appearance, improving the regular magnificence of the wood’s grain and adding a sheen that shows a new, clean look. 

How Much Does Deck Staining Cost?

All things considered, that depends! It relies upon the size of your deck, the wellbeing and nature of it, and what sort of shape it’s in. There are numerous reasons why you should stain your deck, and how it can really set aside your cash in the long run. It is somewhat less expensive to stain a deck than to paint one. Staining a deck can contrast in cost depending on its size and the nature of the deck. On the off chance that you keep up with the maintenance of your deck, it tends to be 90% less expensive than if you were to totally change your deck. 

You can definitely increase its value with little enhancements to the exteriors of your home. This strategy can be extremely tedious and could fail if not done properly, that’s why it is always important to consult with professionals like All Weather Exteriors to make sure that your home exterior is properly taken care but not having to spend as much.


The outside of your house is similarly as significant as the inside. You don’t want a spoiling wall or discolored deck detracting from the curb appeal of your property. All Weather Exteriors is glad to offer excellent staining services to our clients. Let us help you choose the right stain for your wooden deck or fence.

Our staining services come highly recommended.That is because we require some time needed to do the work right. You won’t find us pursuing any faster routes. We guarantee to show up on schedule with everything we need to complete the task. At the point when we’re done, you’ll have the most appealing deck and fence in the neighborhood. Reach out to All Weather Exteriors today in case you’re ready to protect your wood with our excellent deck and fence staining.

Need assistance in color matching or picking out the best stain and sealer? Call All Weather Exteriors for a FREE consultation and quote to check whether it’s the ideal time for your deck or fence to be renewed. Don’t hesitate to call us at 204. 510. 2959 or contact us onlineAll Weather Exteriors is always here to help.

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