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Winnipeg Professional roofers work high off the ground on a daily basis. No matter how skilled a crew roofer member might be, no matter how much experience a roofer  might have, they must never become complacent about staying safe on the premises.

The safety of a roofer, as well as the other crews on the ground below them, should always be a top priority for every roofing company. Accidents can be prevented with correct attention to detail in every work. A quality professional roofers have learned to exercise great caution and prevention when attempting repairs or inspections in every roofing project.

Common dangers of roofing crews in Winnipeg include:

  • Extreme heat from the sun: Roofers working under the heat of the sun while surrounded by the reflected heat. 
  • Wet roofs: Walking on the wet roofs can be hazardous when ice, snow, rain and moisture is there. Wearing safety boots is important to access the roof safely.
  • Ladders: An improperly secured ladder can lead to a serious fall or even death. For buildings that don’t provide roof access from inside, roofers must use ladders to get to the roof.
  • Holes in the roof:Any roof should always be checked for skylights that have not been covered up. Falling through the hole in the can cause serious injury to a roofer and is something that can be easily avoided by carrying out a few checking.
  • Electrical Wires and trees. These hazards can cause roofing crews to trip or fall, and in the case of overhead power lines and HVAC equipment,  can sustain serious injuries.
  • Improper training. The training that every crew undergo before they start working on roofing jobs will teach them all they need to know about staying safe when they are working on a roof. Roofers are safest when they’re properly trained in how to use their tools and equipment.

Safety Measures

Every roofing work is unique. In every beginning of a  roofing project, a professional roofing contractor will learn as much as possible about the job site, identifying any potential safety issues and telling the workers how they will address to it. Attention to detail in every roof is the key. What’s around the residence? Are there areas of particular risk on the existing roof? Even the tiniest bit of information can impact the plan.

Safety should be the most priority for any activity that could impact the residents and the surrounding area, so the safety plan should also include those on the ground or above the roof. Areas that present risk should be flagged off. Loose debris should be contained.

A high-quality local roofing contractors in Winnipeg knows that a safety plan can change as a job progresses. In many cases, as weather conditions, roof conditions, and the requirements of each stage of the project change, so do safety measures.

Keep up with changes: Regular Safety Trainings and Refreshers

For every roofer, Safety should be a part of everything they do – not something they tack on after they developed the work plan. Think: “safety first, safety always.” Learning how to be safe is just as important as learning the proper technique for a particular roofing application. Regular safety trainings are a good start in every crew.

Roofers team members should have refreshers often and retrain as appropriate for projects that require special safety considerations or when a crew member struggles with maintaining safety standards. In roofing, anyone can never be too prepared.

Every day, on every roofing project, a good roofing contractor will remind his team to be safe. But even with daily reminders, careful preparation, training, and equipment can help prevent most accidents, but accidents still happen. Roofers should be trained in how to administer first aid and what to do in case of emergency. Again, training is essential in every job..

Roofing is one  very important work, but it can also be dangerous work to everyone working. Roofers stay safe by keeping safety in mind all the time, every day, on every roofing project.

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