When Is The Right Time To Replace Winnipeg Roof Flashing?

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You know your roof flashing is essential, but do you know when it’s time for flashing replacement?

As a Winnipeg homeowner, maintaining your roof should be a priority. 

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, worn or damaged flashing accounted for over 15% of roof-related insurance claims last year. Replacing flashing can seem confusing, but with the right information, you can identify issues early and take action. 

This article will cover warning signs like rust spots and lifted seams so you can pinpoint problems. We’ll also discuss average flashing lifespans, material options like galvanized steel and rubber, and when professional help is recommended. 

Arm yourself with knowledge so you can protect your home and avoid an unexpected leak. Acting promptly when problems arise will save you headaches down the road.

What Is Roof Flashing and Why Is It Important?

Roof flashing forms a seal between the edges and joints of a roof to prevent water damage. 

According to studies by the Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia, improperly installed or damaged roof flashing is the leading cause of leaks in residential and commercial buildings.

As a homeowner, it’s important to understand what roof flashing is, how it works, and when it needs replacement. 

Roof flashing comes in several types: base flashing secures shingles or roof edges; vent pipe flashing encircles plumbing vents; and valley flashing lines the joint where two sloped roof planes meet.

Over time, flashing can warp, crack, or lift away from the roof, allowing water to seep in. Signs you need new roof flashing include visible damage like tears or holes, water stains on walls or ceilings, increased energy bills from poor attic ventilation, or shingle damage around edges and joints.

According to roofing experts, the average lifespan of roof flashing is 15 to 20 years. However, environmental factors like severe weather, pollutants, and sun exposure can accelerate deterioration. It’s best to have your roof and flashing inspected regularly by a professional to determine if replacement is needed.

Replacing damaged or outdated roof flashing involves removing old flashing and nails, cleaning and preparing the area, and installing new flashing secured with roof cement or nails. 

For the average homeowner, this is best left to an expert roofer to ensure proper installation and avoid potential issues like leaks or water damage.

 Your local roofing contractor has the knowledge, skills, and equipment to safely replace your roof flashing so you can rest easy knowing this critical component is protecting your home.

Identifying When Your Winnipeg Roof Flashing Needs Replacement

As a homeowner, it’s important to inspect your Winnipeg roof flashing regularly and look for signs that it may need replacement. According to studies, roof flashing typically lasts 15-25 years before needing replacement. After this time, the material can start to deteriorate, crack, or warp which allows water to seep in, damaging your roof and attic.

Visible damage or rust

If your roof flashing shows visible damage like cracks, holes, rust, or warping, it likely needs replacement. As flashing ages, the material weakens allowing water to penetrate around edges and seams. All Weather Exteriors recommends replacing damaged or rusted flashing immediately to avoid costly water damage.

Buckling or curling

Roof flashing should lay flat against the roof and edges of walls. If your flashing is buckling, curling up or pulling away from surfaces, it is no longer protecting your roof properly. Buckling flashing will allow water, moisture, and pests to access your roof underneath.

Leaks or water damage

The most obvious sign your Winnipeg roof flashing needs replacement is if you notice leaks inside your attic or water damage along ceilings and walls. As flashing deteriorates over time, water is able to seep through gaps and holes, saturating insulation and causing damage. Even small leaks should be addressed quickly to avoid mold growth or structural issues.

In summary, inspecting your roof flashing regularly and addressing any visible damage, rust, buckling or leaks right away is the best way to protect your Winnipeg home from water damage. 

If your flashing is older than 15-25 years or showing any concerning signs, it’s best to contact a professional roofing company to assess if replacement is needed. 

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense, so keeping flashing in good working order should be a top priority.

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Roof Flashing Materials: Pros and Cons of Different Roof Flashing Types

Metal Flashing

Metal flashing, like aluminum or galvanized steel, is a popular choice for Winnipeg roofs. Studies show that properly installed metal flashing can last 40-60 years. 

Metal is durable, corrosion-resistant, and cost-effective. However, metal flashing can be dented or punctured more easily. It also tends to contract and expand with temperature changes, potentially causing leaks over time if not installed properly.

Rubber Flashing

Rubber, or EPDM, flashing is flexible, durable, and weather-resistant. EPDM flashing membranes can last 20-30 years and are easy to install on complex roof shapes. However, EPDM flashing is more prone to UV damage and cracking. 

It also requires the use of adhesives to seal and bond the flashing, and these adhesives have a shorter lifespan. EPDM flashing may not last as long as other options.

Sealants or Caulking

While sealants and caulking can be used to seal small gaps or seams in flashing, they should not be relied upon as a primary flashing material. Sealants last 5-10 years at most and require reapplication to maintain protection.

 They are also more prone to cracking or peeling away from surfaces. 

For the best protection, sealants should only be used to supplement and reinforce primary flashing materials like metal or rubber.

When is it time to replace your roof flashing?

If your roof is more than 20 years old, it’s a good idea to have a professional inspect your roof flashing. Look for signs of damage like cracking, punctures, peeling, or water stains in the attic. Preventative flashing replacement will save you from costly water damage down the road.

With regular inspections and proper maintenance, quality roof flashing materials can protect Winnipeg homes for decades. But no material lasts forever, so when in doubt, it’s best to replace your flashing. Your roof, and everything under it, will thank you.

How to Choose the Right Winnipeg Roofing Company for Flashing Replacement

When it’s time to replace your roof flashing, finding a reputable Winnipeg roofing company is crucial. According to a recent survey by the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), improperly installed or damaged roof flashing leads to over 50% of residential roof leaks. 

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Experience and Expertise 

Look for a company with at least five years of experience specifically installing and replacing roof flashing in Winnipeg’s extreme climate. They should be certified by and in good standing with the NRCA. Ask if they offer a workmanship warranty in addition to any manufacturer’s warranties.

High-Quality Products

The materials used, especially for critical areas like flashing, can significantly impact the lifespan and performance of your roof.

 Insist on high-quality, durable flashing materials designed for Winnipeg’s frigid winters and hot, humid summers. 

Galvanized steel and certain grades of aluminum are good options. Avoid cheaper alternatives.

Comprehensive Services

While replacing your roof flashing, it’s a good opportunity to inspect the rest of your roof for any needed repairs or maintenance. 

Choose a full-service roofing company that offers re-roofing, roof repairs, maintenance, and emergency services in addition to roof flashing replacement.

 They can spot any current or potential issues and make recommendations to maximize the lifetime of your roof.

Safety Standards and Certifications

Proper safety precautions should be a top priority to avoid injury. Look for a company that follows all OSHA safety standards and has additional certifications like NRCA ProCertification for asbestos removal and confined space entry. Their technicians should be fully insured and properly trained to work on roofs.

Affordability and Value

Get at least three quotes from reputable companies for replacing your roof flashing. While cost is a factor, don’t choose based on price alone. Consider the quality of materials and services, certifications, experience, and warranty. An NRCA member company will provide fair, honest pricing for high-quality work. Choose a roofer dedicated to providing the best long-term value.

With the right roofing company using high-quality products and following the highest standards, you can rest assured your roof flashing replacement will be done properly and perform well for years to come. Do your due diligence and you’ll find a trusted partner to handle this important job.

Roof Flashing FAQs: Your Top Questions Answered

As a homeowner in Winnipeg, it’s important to understand what roof flashing is and when it needs replacement. According to studies, improperly installed or damaged roof flashing is responsible for over 50% of residential roof leaks.

What is roof flashing?

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Roof flashing refers to the pieces of metal or rubber installed in areas where the roof surface meets vertical surfaces like chimneys, vents, or attic spaces. Flashing helps seal and weatherproof these joints to prevent leaks. The most common types are valley flashing, chimney flashing, and vent pipe flashing

How do I know if my roof flashing needs replacement?

There are a few signs your roof flashing may need replacement:
1. Visible cracks, holes or tears in the flashing material. Flashing exposed to Winnipeg’s extreme weather can become damaged over time.
2. Peeling or buckling of the flashing away from the roof or vertical surface. This allows water and moisture to seep in, even if there are no visible cracks.
3. A musty smell in the attic or water stains on walls/ceilings. This often indicates unnoticed or unrepaired leaks from damaged flashing.
4. Flashing that is over 10-15 years old. Although flashing can last longer, its effectiveness starts to break down over time due to weathering and temperature changes.

Should I replace my roof flashing myself or hire a professional?

For most homeowners, hiring a professional roofer to replace damaged or aging roof flashing is recommended. As studies show, improper flashing installation is the leading cause of leaks and can void your roof warranty. Professional roofers have the proper training, safety equipment, and experience to remove old flashing, install new flashing, and ensure it is securely and properly sealed to your roof’s surface.

In summary, damaged or aging roof flashing should be replaced to protect your home from costly leaks and water damage. By understanding what flashing is, how to spot signs that need replacement, and hiring a professional to handle the job, you can keep your Winnipeg home protected from the elements for years to come.

You now know the telltale signs that it’s time to replace your Winnipeg roof flashing…

And the potential consequences of delaying repairs. Don’t wait for leaks or damage to occur. 

Be proactive in regularly inspecting your roof and flashing for wear. Schedule an evaluation with a qualified local roofer at the first sign of deterioration. They can confirm if replacement is needed and provide reliable installation. Investing in new high-quality flashing prevents exponentially greater costs down the road from water damage and repairs. 

Your home is your biggest investment, so protect it by acting quickly when your flashing shows its age. Taking these steps now ensures your Winnipeg roof withstands whatever weather comes its way.

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Don’t Let Roof Flashing Woes Become Winnipeg Woes

Here at All Weather Exteriors, we understand the importance of a healthy roof – it’s your home’s first line of defense against Winnipeg’s harsh weather. For over 17 years, we’ve been Winnipeg’s trusted roofing experts, and we’re here to help you keep your roof in top shape.

If you’re reading this blog, you’re likely wondering if it’s time to replace your roof flashing. Our team of certified professionals can provide a comprehensive inspection and expert advice. We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your budget and get your roof back in top condition, quickly and efficiently.

Don’t wait until a small leak turns into a major headache this coming winter. Contact All Weather Exteriors today for a free roof inspection and see why we’re Winnipeg’s go-to roofing company! We’ll keep your home warm and dry all season long.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on December 13, 2022. The last update was made on May 16, 2024, to reflect new information and insights.

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