The Pros and Cons of a Roof Replacement During the Winter

Deciding to introduce another roof on your home can achieve a whole slew of benefits — from improved energy productivity to added style, to simply the inner serenity you get from having another great roof is significant too. Yet, when you settle on taking the action on a new roof, you need to decide when to make it happen.

Ideally, roofing issues would possibly spring up when the weather conditions is warm and dry, however, in some cases, winter spills brought about by ice dams or failing materials demand winter roof and gutter repairs. Luckily, this isn’t an issue for experienced Winnipeg roofing company like All Weather Exteriors. While there are a couple of limits in regard to materials, generally, winter installation is not any more troublesome than in some other seasons. On the off chance that you’re pondering doing a winter roofing project, first consider the pros and cons of roofing in winter.

It is generally challenging to anticipate when a roof might require replacement in Winnipeg, like foreseeing the triumphant numbers in a lottery.. This way, roofers can’t pinpoint when their services prove to be useful. Despite the fact that most of them like to manage roofing issues during warm climates, roof replacement services might turn out to be fundamental during the cold season, particularly assuming it is a crisis case.

 This article has been put together to help educate you on the subject of roof repairs and replacement during winter. Below, you will track down every one of the advantages and disadvantages of sorting your roof out when during the cold weather months:

The Advantages of a Winter Roof Replacement

You probably won’t think it from the outset, yet there are really an astounding number of advantages to be had when considering a new roof around mid-winter. A few things you could find particularly appealing include

A Guarantee of service. With regards to roofing jobs, be it a repair or installation, spring and summer can be commonly more occupied for a roofing worker. That makes picking an establishment in the slow time of year possibly considerably more desirable, as the roofers have more time to design around your requirements and offer exceptional accommodations.

Easier scheduling. The chances are high that you have downtime to work with, and as we mentioned above a roofer is considerably more prone to be less troubled in the chillier months. That can make scheduling, often a headache, into an undeniably more satisfactory experience.

Be ready for spring. Winnipeg is truly known for weighty spring downpours. The last thing you need is a winter-damaged roof that releases and allows generally that downpour to saturate your home. By repairing your roof in the winter, your home will be completely ready for those spring downpours. In addition, in the event that you’re anticipating selling your house, it’s ideal to have your roof all set to go before the selling season begins. If you get your roof repaired in the winter time of year, you’ll have the option to begin showing your home when the weather conditions heat up, rather than holding on until your roof is done.

Disadvantages of a Winter Roof Replacement

Shingles take more time to seal. While it’s generally less expensive to sort your roof out in the winter, it could likewise take more time. Shingles require a particular temperature reach to seal appropriately and guarantee that your roof is totally intact. Since winter temperatures in Winnipeg are so chilly, it can frequently take significantly longer for those asphalt shingles to seal appropriately, making roof construction a bit more troublesome and time-consuming. Your roofer will actually want to be able to give you a time estimate on how long they expect it will require for those shingles to seal, however, realize that any winter roofing job is probably going to take somewhat longer than one done in the late spring.

Harder on Roofing Tools and Materials. Winnipeg’s chilly climate is tough on anything that runs on power and batteries. It influences how well devices like blowers and compressed air guns capability. Also, asphalt shingles can be affected by low temperatures, so care should be taken while installing them.

This isn’t a big issue, by any means. However, it pays to choose a roofing company that is notable for exact work, experienced in managing Winnipeg winters, and legit enough to let you know when dealing with your roof is excessively cold out to work on your roof. We trust in keeping homeowners informed and know precisely how to function in chilly climates for optimal outcomes, so you get a first-rate roof replacement, even in winter.

Dangerous for Roofers. This greatest test with roof replacements is that winter time of year weather conditions is in many cases poor for open-air home improvements. Either really cold or very elusive circumstances will make it hard, or even impossible for roofers to climb on your roof that day.

While roofers are extremely competent at getting on roofs and have the equipment and skill to do it safely, it’s smart to hold on until your roof is as free from ice and snow as possible. And it’s wise to hold on until it’s above freezing outside if possible, so your roofing crew can work easily. This might mean the roof replacement requires a couple of additional days to finish than it could in radiant summer, yet safety comes first, and your roofers will do better work for it.


Having a roof installed in the winter time of year is possible. Despite the fact that equipment and materials do have sub-optimal performance, the right roofing crew can do it in weather that is above freezing and not snowing or pouring.

The choice to fix or replace a roof in winter ought to rely upon the potential harm that might come about because of delaying the work. In the event that the outcomes of stalling are serious or the damage is probably going to turn out to be too broad and expensive, then the job ought to be finished at the earliest opportunity. The trick is in comparing the benefits of completing the job quickly versus the dangers of waiting for the weather to improve.

Generally speaking, roof replacement has a more prominent need to get moving than repairs. The most ideal choice is to search for a reputable company that will minimize the risks associated with working in winter.
In the event that you truly do require a roof replacement in the winter time of year, it’s always great to inquire. You will presumably find a roofer who will work with you to get it going. As usual, we at All Weather Exteriors would be honored to address your inquiries. Call us today.

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