Why Online Reviews Matter in the Roofing Business

roofing company reviews

If you have recently gotten your house roof repaired by a professional company, then posting an online review about how you liked their work is extremely important. Why? Online reviews reach a large audience, and according to a survey, 85 percent of those people treat these reviews no less than a personal recommendation.

1. Because A Good Rating Helps Their Business

According to statistics, 84 percent of people look at the rating of a company or contractor before hiring them. This means that your good experience can bring them more customers. This is not just a good thing for them – you are actually helping people in need of good contractors to find their right match and get better services at the right price. Also, ratings put their business above others on search engines and that is one of the reasons their websites become so accessible.

2. It Creates Loyalty And A Good Relationship

When you post a positive review after a good service, your preferred company takes notice of this and this improves your relationship with it. Maybe next time you have a problem, or get a roof servicing done, they will offer you a better deal, or do an even better job.

Roofing companies in Winnipeg often make sure that happy clients always stay that way – because it makes their business look a lot better. In the long run, your roof company might even drop in a few free servicing to keep your house healthy and fit.

3. Don’t Forget Your Local Guide Status

Google wants to encourage people to add valuable information about the places and businesses they come in contact with so that in the future, the information that is available is more fruitful. If you are one who believes in this idea, then adding a review is a good thing.

As an incentive for your thought, the search engine will give you local guide status, depending on the frequency of your reviews and how helpful they are to other people. These are calculated by the number of thumbs up or views that people make to the text and photos you upload in your review. The more detailed your review is, the better it is going to perform.

Now that you know why adding reviews on All Weather Exteriors is so important, maybe you should add one too – especially if you have enjoyed our service! And if you have not availed them yet, but are likely to do so now, then know this – it is partly because of the awesome reviews that we have been getting.

For all roof repair problems, All Weather Exteriors are always there to solve it for you – make sure you give them their due!

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