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Reuse or Replace? That is the issue, right? At last, the choice of whether to replace or re-flash will lay on the property holder, however, in the last case, numerous roofers will incorporate a disclaimer expressing that they won’t be considered for future bay skylight spills.

Skylights can be found on pretty much every other home. They’re a practical method to set aside cash, and they support the mind by introducing genuine sunbeams. Like all pieces of a home, skylights have life expectancies, yet there is one occurrence that may disturb the tenure of a skylight: roof replacement. Replacing a roof is a significant issue, and it positively raises the topic of whether to replace the skylights. Replacing means peace of mind for you and your customer. Any great roofer will demand that property holders have their skylights replaced no matter what. A top roofer won’t make it obligatory, however, they will plot the reality of the circumstance. Eventually, mortgage holders are liable for their skylights, however, a professional roofing contractor will consistently examine the area.

Here are five reasons for a replacement you can use to educate your customers:

  1. Save time and money: The skylights are old and with the roofing crew’s work, they’re likely to loosen up a bit. Replace them during reroofing to avoid more costly problems later.
  2. Solar tax credit: Customers can get the latest, greatest solar-powered skylight models for much less because they’re eligible for a 30% federal tax credit on product and installation through December 31, 2019. Solar-powered models also have the most functionality so your customers are getting the most bang for their buck.
  3. Improved energy efficiency: Simply put, older skylights just aren’t energy efficient. On the other hand, the newest VELUX models feature dual-paned glass that provides improved energy efficiency over the old skylights.
  4. Daylight and fresh air: Update skylights for new functionality! VELUX’s latest solar-powered models are remote controlled and the blinds are adjusted with the tap of a touchscreen.
  5. Blinds for light control: Speaking of blinds, the newest skylight models can be outfitted with room darkening or light-diffusing blinds to provide light control in the room below. They even come in fun colors and patterns for a little design excitement on the ceiling!

There is no argument that the BEST time to do is when you are replacing your roof. Skylights have a limited life and replacing them with the roofing is cost-productive, and permits you to synchronize your roof and skylights guarantees. It likewise permits you to refresh to more up to date skylights advancements and glass covering proficiency.


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