Winnipeg Restoration – Restore Or Replace Your Roof

Winnipeg restoration of roofs

When is the best time to invest in the Winnipeg restoration of the roof?

This should be possible just when roof issues are viewed as minor. While completely renovating or replacing the whole roof range is not required.

Roofs are essential for the protection and integrity of your homes in Winnipeg. Normal cleaning and maintenance are expected to keep their life expectancy long. Nonetheless, sooner or later, the performance of your homes will reach an end. At the point when this time arrives, you will need to choose two options: A roof restoration or a replacement.

This is one of the most widely common questions we get either via telephone or during a roof inspection. A roof restoration has its advantages over a roof replacement yet it likewise works both different ways as well. In this blog post, we’ll analyze the factors to consider that will lead you to either roof replacement or roof restoration in Winnipeg.

What is roof restoration?

Take note that in Winnipeg restoration of roofs, the original roof material is left in place. The roof is inspected to pinpoint the problem areas, and afterward, it is reemerged to prolong its life expectancy. This is a more affordable and intrusive strategy compared with a halfway or complete re-roofing.

Since it is less expensive than re-roofing, you may promptly be brought into re-establishing your roof instead. Be that as it may, it is essential to have a roof review done first before it goes through restoration. Your roof should be in good condition with no conspicuous rot, breaks, or moisture. Any broken or missing shingles should likewise be quickly fixed before restoration.

With roof restoration, you are replacing the old roof material with newer and better products. It could make any exhausted and old roof look brand new again. All Weather Exterior specialists focus on restoring the parts of your roof and any issues it might have. This incorporates plugging up a leak or replacing your shingles and tiles.

What is a roof replacement?

A roof replacement is a bigger and more costly venture than a roof restoration, including the total expulsion of a current roof, replacement of secures, new outlining whenever expected to help your roof, and the installation of a pristine metal or tiled roofing system.

Is it better to remove or restore an old roof? 

It is always preferable to remove an existing roof before installing a new one. This creates a clean, fresh surface that makes it easier to correctly install new shingles. Leaving an old roof beneath a new one can result in a lumpy appearance and future roofing concerns. 

The aging roof may also conceal structural issues or deterioration beneath the surface. Removing the old roofing allows for a more thorough inspection of the roof.

Both a roof restoration and replacement in Winnipeg will broaden your roof’s existence, give security against the element and give your home a new look. A roof replacement is a bigger and more expensive job than a roof restoration as it requires your old roof to be eliminated and another one to be introduced. Here are some of the upsides and downsides of a roof restoration versus a roof replacement in Winnipeg:

A roof restoration in Winnipeg is less expensive than a roof replacement: The expense of a roof replacement in Winnipeg is around twofold or triple the cost of a roof restoration, with the typical expense of roof restoration for a little medium measured home around $4,000-$6,000 relying upon the scope of factors, including the size and style of your roof and the number of fixes required.

Restoring your roof is quicker and less disruptive than a roof replacement: A Winnipeg restoration of the roof is less complex work that will make an insignificant disturbance to your everyday life and give you a renewed roof. By comparison, a roof replacement might expect you to make changes during the finishing of work. Your roof will be completely taken out which could mean your house is uninhabitable for a short period or there might be safety requirements you need to stick to during installation.

A roof restoration will not need constructing licenses: Unlike a roof replacement, a roof restoration can be embraced straight away, without the requirement for additional permits or council approvals. A roof replacement is a bigger venture that might require your roof intends to be submitted to the council for approval before installation assuming you are changing your roof material or different factors, adding time and cost to the interaction.

A roof restoration is a more feasible choice than a roof replacement: Instead of your roof being eliminated and going to a landfill, a roof rebuilding will renew your current roof through a course of fixing, cleaning, preparing, and covering with a protective roof membrane.

Restoring your roof will provide you with the appearance of a like-new roof: Winnipeg roof restoration and roof replacement will change the presence of your home. A roof restoration will return your roof to its unique condition, complete with a glossy completion and your preferred new paint shade, without the price tag of a roof replacement.

Both a roof restoration and a roof replacement will give you long-lasting protection: Like a roof replacement, a roof restoration will safeguard your home for longer. The use of a high-form strong roof film covering during the rooftop restoration process expands the existence of your roof by at least 10 years.


If cash isn’t an issue then you can go for a roof replacement, however, it isn’t quite as obvious as you might naturally think.

The overall importance of a roof inspection by a Winnipeg roofing expert is crucial to settle on your final decision.

There aren’t any set principles in play to figure out which of the two you want/require yet there are rules which will assist you with pursuing the best choice. At the point when you consider it, there could be a no greater chance to have this work performed on your property. Assuming that you sell your home within the following ten years, the moderately new roof notwithstanding different enhancements could make your property engaging according to forthcoming purchasers.To decide if your roof requires repair work or a total replacement, it’s ideal to have a roofing specialistexamine and make an evaluation.

At All Weather Exteriors, we have performed roofing work on residential properties all over Winnipeg. Contact us today for a roof replacement or Winnipeg restoration quote.

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