6 Benefits Of Hiring A Painting Contractor

Because of the world’s current situation where we cannot really do a lot, many people have been trying to make their time more useful.  Some have been busy learning new things, shifting careers, making new hobbies and some just get obsessed with DIY-ing everything with the help of tutorials that are widely available online.

Many homeowners have never given their homes as much attention as they are now since this may be the most time many of us have had to stay home.  With all the ideas that we see online on how to improve our spaces, some of us just cannot wait to get started with those little DIY projects.  

Painting, as one of the fastest ways to give your home a new look may be something that you are considering to DIY since it does not look as complicated as other home projects.  You may think that it should be fine doing it yourself as long as you have paint and a brush to apply it with.  But let us tell you why it is always best to hire a painting contractor for the job:

YOU SAVE MONEY.  Not having to pay for professional fees if you DIY your home painting project may sound like a good decision if you are trying to save money.  But what most of us do not realize is that painting contractors get materials for special prices and in return, they can give you lower package rates and that package includes the quality or work.  Doing it yourself would mean you will have to pay for the materials in the full amount and all the additional cost of any problems that may come along the way.

YOU SAVE TIME.  Finding time to do your own painting project may not be that hard but the amount of time required in painting is more than just the time you need for the actual application of paint on your walls.  Painting includes all the preparation needed before getting started with the painting proper.  A painting project begins with purchase of supplies and ends with clean up and disposal of trash.  For someone without experience, it would take up a lot of time trying to figure out the right materials to buy and trying to learn from videos before they begin painting.  Hiring professional painters not only means having the job done faster and going back to your normal routine in the house sooner, but it also means not having to worry about those time consuming before and after tasks involved in painting projects.

YOU GET THE QUALITY OF WORK.   Painting contractors have years of experience and they paint with precision and perfection.  They know how to prep the surfaces properly and how to make the paint last longer.  They are knowledgeable on different painting techniques that will work best on your home’s surfaces.  Professional painters pay attention to details which guarantees your home to look flawless after a painting job.  If you DIY your home painting project, you most likely may not be satisfied with the outcome and would only end up spending more time and money to fix it.

YOU GET THE WARRANTY AND INSURANCE COVERAGE.  Painting contractors are licensed and insured.  If anything goes wrong in the middle of the project or with the painting job, you will have the peace of mind that the contractor will do all necessary adjustments and corrections at no additional cost.  Hiring professionals would also mean not having to worry about the cost of repairs for any damage that the painting process may cause.  In addition, in the event that a safety incident occurs during the project, the painting contractor’s insurance will cover the expenses.  On the other hand, if you work on the painting project yourself,  all of these will be an added cost to your expenses.

YOU GET EFFICIENT SERVICE.  Because they do it for most of their time in the day, professional painters already have a systematic way of doing the job.  They can work on the project from start to finish without having to stop and think what to do next like you would if you DIY painted your home.  Painting contractors are also equipped with all the proper tools needed to have the job done perfectly.  They not only know about all the types of brushes but also when and where to use them.  And in the event that problems come up in the middle of the painting job, they would know exactly how to fix it without having to cause you any stress.

YOU GET PROFESSIONAL ADVICE.  Professional painters are very knowledgeable on the trending styles and they can provide you with suggestions and recommendations on what will work best with your home.  They also would know if there are necessary repairs that need to be done prior to the painting job.  They make sure that you get the best results and they can give you advice on how to properly care for your freshly painted surfaces.

We work on home improvement projects like painting to secure the value of our most important investment, our home.  DIY projects have become a trend and for people trying to save money, it may sound like a good idea.  With the points mentioned above, we now know that painting projects is not one of those that is worth taking the risk DIY-ing.  

If you are planning on giving your home a new look and you are in need of a Winnipeg painting contractor, All Weather Exteriors is the best not only when it comes to Winnipeg roofing, but we also have a team of painting experts who can help you with all your home painting needs.  You will never have to worry about the stress that comes with painting projects because our team is made up of some of the best in Winnipeg interior and exterior painting.  All you need to do is let us know how we can help you and we will take care of the rest for you!

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