Things To Do Before Having A Professional Painting Job

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Many homeowners are taking advantage of the nice weather to have home repairs and improvements done.  The All Weather Exteriors team has been busy providing services to our dear customers with their home exterior needs.  And because we want to serve more people with more of the services their home requires, we are happy to let you know that aside from the long list of services we have been offering in the past, we now do both exterior and interior painting too!

But just like any other home improvement project, having your house repainted requires a lot of planning to make sure that everything goes smoothly and without delay.  In order to achieve the best results, preparation is essential.  We will take care of the job for you, but we have also come up with a list of the things that you can help with to make things easier for both you and the painters:

  • Store Wall and Other Home Decorations.  It is of course necessary to take down any wall hangings.  Other decorations should be stored away to keep them safe from any damage before you have a painting job started.  You do not want to take chances with your valuable art pieces and collectibles since simply covering them will not guarantee that these items will not be damaged.
  • Move Furniture, Appliances and Electronics.  Be sure to provide enough space for the workers so they can do the job more quickly and more efficiently.  Remove anything that could get in the way of the painters.  Move as much furniture and appliances as you can before the painting team arrives so that when they do, they can start with the painting job right away.  Getting the work done sooner would mean less cost on your part.
  • Remove All Carpets and Curtains.  To make sure that these items are safe from paint splashes and  other forms of damage during the painting, they need to be removed and properly stored.  Professional painters are very careful with their work but accidents do happen and this is what you want to avoid.
  • Prepare the Walls. You may want to check the walls or parts of the house that need to be painted.  You can call professional contractors to request for an inspection to know what and if repairs and replacements are necessary prior to painting.  When preparing walls and other surfaces, you may also want to remove outlet covers and switch plates to help the painters finish the job more quickly.
  • Clean the Area to be Painted.  Thorough cleaning of the wall or part that will be painted ensures good application.  Make sure that every inch is properly cleaned and dried before the painters arrive.  If you are reluctant about doing it yourself, this is a service that some painting contractors provide at an additional cost.  Aside from the surfaces to be painted, cleaning the entire room where painting will be done also helps avoid dust or other small debris from landing on your freshly painted walls before they even dry.
  • Move Out of the House during the Painting Job.  If you are having a big portion or the entire house painted and the painting situation would be too inconvenient for you and your family, it may be wise to temporarily move somewhere around the area.  If you are having just a room or just one area of the house being painted, however, you may want to assign a room or areas in your house where you and your family can freely move about without causing distraction to the painters.  If you have kids and pets, make sure that they stay in a room where they are safe and will not cause any trouble.  
  • Clear the Are Around Your Home for Exterior Painting.  If there are trees outside your house, you may want to consider trimming its branches to lessen the possibility of fallen leaves landing or touching any freshly painted surface.  You may also need to move the plants you have around your house to provide enough space for the painters while they work.
  • Hire Professional Painters.  There are lots of painting contractors around but you can always refer to a contractor’s online reviews and ratings from clients and to the compilation of recent projects that they have worked on.  It is also wise to hire one contractor for all your home repairs if they offer the services anyway so you only have one company to deal with.  They may also provide you with package deals where you can save money compared to hiring a different contractor for each job.
  • Know Your Responsibilities.  Preparation prior to painting activities may differ from one painting contractor to another.  To understand what your part is in the painting project, talk to your contractor and don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Good planning guarantees to have the work done in an efficient manner and on schedule, which means you get to be back to your regular routine much quicker.

If you need to know more about the things that need to be considered before  you have a painting job in your home, All Weather Exteriors is a professional Winnipeg roofing contractor that can help you.  Not only can we have the job excellently done, our professional painters can also provide you with recommendations to help you understand what is best for your home.  

If you are from Winnipeg and your house requires a painting job, our team has some of the most professional painters in the area!  All Weather Exteriors is a team of experts when it comes to roof installation, roof replacement, roof repairs and other home exterior needs like replacement or repair of your gutters, soffit and fascia, and we have recently added exterior and interior painting to the list!  We are indeed your Winnipeg roofing contractor for all your needs!

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