Importance of Gutters

A roof is an essential part of your home that needs proper care to make sure that it stays strong to protect you and your family from the harm of the weather and other external elements.  Since your gutter is a part of your roof, making sure that gutters are cleaned and well-maintained help ensure a healthy roofing system.  How?

Gutters are metals that are installed along the eave edges of the roof which are designed to catch water flowing off the roof, leading it into the downspout and diverting it away from your home’s foundation. It is an essential part of your roof’s drainage system.

If your gutter becomes clogged or damaged, rainwater will go somewhere else and find its way inside your house in the form of leaks, causing more complicated problems and damage to just about any part of your home.  

Aside from causing leaks, water build up on your roof will cause rotting and deterioration or molding on not only your shingles but also your soffit and fascia.  Everybody knows what mold does and you do not want to welcome that in your home.

What do you do to make sure that you have a healthy gutter system? Regular cleaning and maintenance will go a long way but there is more that you can do to make sure that your roof’s drainage system functions well.  Let us talk about how Gutter Guards can help.

What are Gutter Guards?

A gutter guard is a piece of metal material that is attached to a gutter, covering it.  Its main purpose is to prevent clogging by blocking entry of unwanted materials like leaves, tree branches and other debris.  It functions as a strainer so when it rains, it still lets the water in, allowing for proper drainage which in turn helps avoid leaking.

Benefits of Having a Gutter Guard

Although a gutter can function by itself, having a gutter guard will give you the following benefits:

  • It helps keep proper drainage in your roofing system, especially during the rainy season, and in result, helps prevent leaking.
  • Since it allows for more efficient drainage, it helps prevent formation of mold on your shingles, soffit and fascia.
  • It helps prolong the lifespan of your gutter since it serves as a protection from the pressure brought about by fallen materials.  Keep in mind though that the lifespan of your gutter still generally depends on the weather and other surrounding factors.
  • Installation of gutter guards may not mean you get to avoid the need to clean your gutter but it means that you can do it less frequently and more easily.  Consequently, that means more time, money and energy that you can spend on maintaining other parts or your home.

There are many types of gutter guards out there but deciding on what to get mainly depends on you.  However, you can trust that our experts will explain everything you need to know and provide you with options and recommendations based on their expertise.

We can help you not only with the installation of gutter guards but we also provide services to help maintain and clean them.  Remember that DIYs can do more damage than good.  Let our experts do the work for you.

All Weather Exteriors is a professional roofing contractor in Winnipeg.  We specialize in all services for your home exterior needs! We’d like to help you with maintaining the value of your most important investment, your home.

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