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The Christmas season is here and in Winnipeg that means amazing weather. Most homeowners have already started decorating their properties with lights and some have turned their homes into a winter wonderland. Winter season means more time to spend with loved ones and enjoying Christmas festivities with family. One of the biggest parts of celebrating the holidays is putting up decorations both inside and outside homes.

Aside from the elements of nature, seasonal decorations can also be a challenge to your roof. Ginormous spiders nailed to shingles on Halloween to a group of animatronic reindeers “skipping” along gutters on Christmas season – putting up these decorations can cause serious harm to your property, especially your roof.

Surely, a few weeks of enjoying your holiday decorations is not worth damaging your roof. Good news is, you can always consult with a professional from All Weather Exteriors, a Winnipeg Roofing Services, to help you have a better understanding of the factors that need to be considered before decorating your home. Below are some useful pointers that you need to keep in mind:

As always, safety comes first.

  • Have your roof inspection done by an expert from All Weather Exteriors, to make sure that your roof is safe and ready to be decorated.
  • Make sure you have the right tools. Is your ladder high enough for what you need it for? Do you need a security gear to protect you in case of an accident? 
  • If you decide not to hire a professional, make sure you ask for help. Setting up decorations is not easy as looks and help can go a long way. 
  • Ensure any equipment you need that works on electricity is safe for outdoor use AND make sure that capacity plugs are covered. You can also call a Winnipeg Electrician to check if your electricity is capable of the load

Things to remember:

Precheck. Before heading up to the roof, check if all decorations and lights are working properly. Plug in your lights while on the ground and replace busted bulbs.

Buddy up. It’s always a good idea to have some help when setting up decorations for your home. Aside from the fact that it saves time, it’s more secure. Your assistant can hold the stepping stool or carry and pass things to you. In addition, it is always good to have someone ready to help in case of an emergency.

Hanging Christmas lights on your roof requires key materials. 

  • Lights, (for example, rope lights, light-up dolls, pendant lights, etc.) 
  • Ladder
  • Security harness (in case you’re planning on installing light shows on top of your roof) 
  • Electrical cords (anticipate that you might need a longer one than you expect)
  • Tools for connecting lights to your roof
  • Most importantly, never set up Christmas lights or decorations alone. Always have someone nearby.

How to install your decorations:

  • Fasten properly. Try not to use nails on your roof. Each time you do, you make a potential for small holes. Winnipeg winters can be unforgiving and nails can undermine the shingles quality. The extra weight from the decorations nailed into the shingles can likewise make extra harm. Instead, use  temporary options, for example, plastic clasps, that can be connected to the tiles or gutters for a secure arrangement and for easy removal.
  • Keep the huge patterns and sculptures on the ground. Installing them on the roof can cause potential issues if high fall/winter winds cause those things to fall over or fly away. 
  • In the event that you use inflatables, get them far from chimneys, vents, electrical cables and tree limbs. You may need to light your home for this special season, but make sure to avoid causing a fire. In case you placed an inflatable on your rooftop, ensure it touches nothing but the roof itself to avoid future damage.
  • Do not jump on the roof and attempt to twist around to hang them. Make sure you have someone to assist you. To avoid any injury, look out for a free or split roof or broken tiles while you’re up there. If you see any issue, contact an authorized Winnipeg roofing contractor to perform a more thorough inspection and/or repair if necessary.
  • Be patient. Although bringing down decorations isn’t as fun and tedious as putting them up, it’s still important to do it cautiously. Tearing them down quickly or pulling them recklessly will just bring about harm to your gutters and tiles. Take as much time as necessary and detach them individually. 


You could still win even the most competitive Christmas brightening contest in the neighborhood even without a single light installed on your roof. Consider working on your christmas designs on bushes, windows, entryways, the entryway patio, walkways, trees, and different parts of your property where you can install lights. Spare your roof from damage and yourself from the unnecessary repair expenses.


There are a lot of ways you can decorate your home to celebrate the holiday season. Keep in mind though, that however you decide to set up your display, safety is always a top priority. Do not compromise your roof for just a few weeks of enjoying your decorations.

To make sure that your roof is safe and ready prior to installing your decorations, you can talk to one of our roofing experts at All Weather Exteriors. Do not second guess your roof’s condition. We will have it thoroughly evaluated so we can provide you with the best and safest recommendations. 

If you are in search of a Winnipeg roofing company, All Weather Exteriors can help you with all your roofing needs! Let us know how we can help you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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May your holiday season be cheerful, and above all, safe this year!

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