When Should You Repaint Commercial Buildings?

When Should You Repaint Commercial Buildings?

Because of its location and design, a business structure’s flawless finish degrades a lot faster than residential properties. This is mainly attributed to its exposure to city pollution, including spray painting and more natural elements as well like the climate. 

Although it may be something you don’t pay much attention to, your business’ exterior paint is one of the main things your clients see. Your structure’s exterior paint either makes or breaks the first impression of your clients. If you find yourself wondering, “How Often Should I Repaint My Commercial Building?,” then you will want to continue reading this article.

If you think that it is time for a new paint job, you need to act fast if you do not wish to compromise your business space’s visual appeal. To guarantee your business place is presentable at all times, you need to know how long exterior paint lasts as well as signs that indicate it’s time to repaint your office.

A new layer of paint can offer many advantages to both your building’s exterior and interior. Once you understand these advantages, knowing how often this should be done will help you maximize these benefits. Exterior paint is normally made using acrylic latex and is ideal for open air use. It has a different life expectancy in comparison to interior paint. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider when choosing the ideal time opportunity to repaint your structure.

Although some business owners will hesitate due to the fact that painting a business establishment would cost more, a Winnipeg painting contractor like All Weather Exteriors guarantees that this is available for businesses of all sizes across Winnipeg and at a reasonable price.

Aside from making the decision to paint your office, you should first consider the accompanying factors on how frequent it should be done.

Exterior: The life span of your exterior paint depends on different factors. The quality of the paint you use may be the most critical. A great quality paint can last years longer than low quality paint. Another factor is the climate in your area. For example, heavy breezes, humidity and hailstorms can harm the exterior of your structure, including its paint work. If your structure’s paint gives indications of drops, air bubbles, stripping or breaking, it may require a new coat. Normally, however, an expertly applied paint job will last five to seven years.

Interior: While home owners generally repaint their walls in five to seven years, business structures ought to have a repaint more frequently. There is not generally a set number of years you should wait, however, in the event that you see indications of wear on your interior dividers, it is a decent sign that it is an ideal opportunity to repaint.

Chipping, soil or stains on dividers reflect poorly on businesses and building owners. Regardless of whether you do not see clients in your office space, your employees see your structure maintenance as an impression of your administration. A few different factors contribute, including how much daylight a room sees, and how often it is used. For the most part, an office or store wall ought to have a repaint every two or three years.

These evaluations are given for normal structures, expecting the paint to be of great quality and applied by an expert. A few conditions may require you to repaint more frequently:

Direct sunlight: When a structure gets heaps of daylight, its exterior paint will blur quicker than a shade-covered property would. With great quality paint, a sun-doused building will require exterior paint job at regular intervals. If the paint work is of less quality, it may require a new coat more often.

Bright tones: Vibrant tones bring energy and excitement, as well as increment your structure’s curb appeal. However, a brilliant color will begin to dull after a couple of years, and deep tones are particularly vulnerable. On the off chance that your structure has a splendidly hued paint work, consider repainting every three years. If frequent repainting is a worry for you, consider repainting with pastels to get some additional life out of your paint work.

Customer-facing properties: Whether you lease your structure to an occupant or depend on a constant flow of clients coming in, you need your structure to keep its best appearance. A structure’s exterior commonly needs another paint work every five years to look well-maintained. You could possibly pull off repainting less frequently for warehouses or any structure that clients don’t interact with. An office interior or retail store that has regular customers should have a repaint every two to three years.

Time to Repaint Your Building’s Exterior

Unfortunately,  even the best paint jobs should be redone after a certain amount of time. However, how can you tell when the best time is to repaint your structure’s exterior? Assuming it has been more than 5 years, this is your first sign. Otherwise, here are other indications you need to look out for:

1. Buildup or Mold Growth 

In the event that you see green, dark, or dim spots on your structure’s walls, then, at that point, you’re most likely dealing with mold or mildew growth. In spite of the fact that mold is a typical issue for the exteriors of structures, it is something that should be taken care of immediately. When mold is spotted, it is definitely an ideal time to bring in the experts. 

2. Fading Paint Colors 

Blurring paint colors is another sign that it is an ideal opportunity to repaint your walls. When the shading has blurred or the film on the paint seems dusty, it will not provide the right type of insurance any more. At the point when this occurs, you will need to repaint the walls straightaway. 

3. Blistering Paint 

When the paint starts to lose its grip, it will start to rankle. This could be an after effect of painting the structure during a hot weather or the surface was in direct contact with the sun. Moisture may likewise become trapped inside the wall and is attempting to get away, which will cause the blistering. Your structure should be repainted once you spot blistering.

4. Breaking Paint 

If your paint is breaking, you will need to have it repainted straightaway to avoid further damage. As the paint starts to strip, your structure will be presented to different elements. For instance, termites, moisture, fungi, and more can find their way into your structure through these breaks. 

5. Obstinate Dirt 

Pressure washing your structure on a regular basis is the most ideal way of holding your structure’s paint back from disintegrating. In any case, when you pressure wash your walls and realize that it’s not helping get rid of the dirt, then, it might be an ideal opportunity to repaint your structure to improve the appearance.

In general, chipping, bubbling around the edges and presence of mold on our exterior walls are signs that it is time for a professional paint job. Repainting your business building not only gives your property a facelift,  but it is also a good way to avoid further paint problems mentioned above. Commercial and business space repainting can transform your business, by giving your exteriors a new, spotless and proficient look. In other words, repainting your exterior is a long-term investment that can raise your retail property value.

If your business building is currently showing any of the issues discussed above, contact our commercial Winnipeg painters, as they will be able to help with both protecting and reviving your property. 

At All Weather Exteriors, our professional exterior painters are equipped with the knowledge, experience, and high quality materials needed to provide your commercial building with a quality exterior paint job that lasts for a long time. 

To learn more about how we can transform the exterior of your business facility with our commercial exterior painting services, contact us today!  Here at All Weather Exteriors, we are committed to providing our clients with professional paint work that will give your money’s worth!

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