Painting, being one of the quickest and probably the cheapest ways to change the look of a house, is something that a homeowner may have done more often than any other home improvements.  Hiring a painting contractor is always a good idea but it comes with a number of concerns.  If you are from the area and in need of Winnipeg painting services, there is a long list of painting contractors that you can choose from.  However, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration if you want to hire the right Winnipeg painting contractor.  What are they?

Do They Have Insurance?

It is a very important thing to make sure that a painting contractor has insurance before you hire them as they will be working on your property.  Although it may help that you have insurance that covers accidents that happen on your property, the contractor also has the responsibility to have a Comprehensive Business Liability that would protect your property and cover for damages.  

Having a Workmen’s Compensation is another essential factor that needs to be considered.  This is a protection for their workers in case of accidents and for you from any liabilities in case something happens.

Do They Provide Warranty?

Before hiring a painting contractor, make sure that they provide warranty for their work.  This gives you peace of mind that they guarantee the quality of their work and that necessary rework will not have additional cost.  Since most painting problems show on the first year, the warranty that you want your contractor to give you is at least one year.  Some contractors offer up to three years of work warranty and it is best if you can get one of them.  

Aside from the period covered by the warranty, it is also important to clarify the inclusions of the warranty coverage so you know exactly what to expect from them.

Do They Provide References?

You can check on the clients’ reviews on google to have more idea on how a contractor does business.  If they have a website, you can also check on the gallery of their most recent jobs and know if you like what you see.  In addition, you can read previous customers’ testimonials on how they did with their work.

If none of this is available, you can ask the contractor to provide you with references.  If they are hesitant to do so, that may be a sign that they are not what you are looking for.  A company you want to hire is one that is proud of their work and will voluntarily give you a list of references to their work.

Are They A Member Of The Better Business Bureau?

Being a member means that the company has been determined by the Better Business Bureau to have met accreditation standards and that includes a commitment to make a good effort in resolving any consumer complaints.  In addition, membership to BBB is an indication that a company is committed in providing quality service.

Do They Discuss The Contract With Clients?

You need to make sure that your contractor discusses the contract with you before you sign it.  The contract has to clearly indicate what they will and will not do as part of the project so you know what to expect and so that you can be prepared in case they need you to do a part in the preparation process prior to the painting proper.  

Before signing the contract, make sure that you get a detailed estimate.  You can also discuss with your contractor how they will repair current damages prior to painting.  In addition, this is the best time to discuss any additional services that you may require so you can avail of a package estimate if the company offers it.  You need to remember though, that when it comes to cost, it could be higher or lower depending on a lot of factors like the paint you choose, the warranty involved, and others.

Aside from all these, the timeline is another important detail that you need to discuss with your contractor.  Make sure that you agree on a reasonable timeline so you can set your expectations and make other plans accordingly.

What Types Of Materials Do They Use?

The types of materials used has a great effect on the appearance of the finished work and the duration of how long the paint will last.  You want a contractor who uses quality materials and not the one who opts in using cheaper materials even if that would mean saving money on the project because doing that would only mean more expenses to redo the work.

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