When Should You Replace Your Siding?


Property holders spend a lot of money on the interior of their homes. From rearranging to remodeling rooms, much thought is given into what goes on inside our homes. What about the exterior? Is it time for an improvement to gain more curb appeal? Moreover, when is the best season for installing new siding? 

The exterior of the house is comparably significant as the inside, however frequently disregarded by property owners. As a company that provides siding installation in Winnipeg, All Weather Exteriors knows a thing or two about the condition of your siding.

Although siding may not be at the top of your home improvement plan, it’s unbelievably essential to the general style, energy productivity, and integrity of your home. Well-kept and top-notch siding significantly impacts your home’s curb appeal and protects your home from outside elements –  Above all, your home’s siding shields your home against outrageous cold and warmth, severe climate, debris, and pests. 

Here are the most common signs to look out for when it comes to siding replacement:

Presence of Dry Rot

Dry rot or decay is a fungus growth that causes wood harm and rot and a lot of dry rot can make your siding irreparable. Dry rot makes the siding debilitate and rot. Also, when damage happens, it spreads easily. When your siding displays a lot of dry rot, it is ideal to invest in replacement siding to eliminate the problem. This holds the decay back from spreading and gives your home a solid source of protection once again.

Dry rot can be discovered when tapping on your siding with the elastic handle of a tool. The key is to recognize such issues before they become too obvious. The fungi that cause dry rot start beneath the siding’s surface, in the end consuming the body of your siding until just the top layer stays flawless. Siding pieces that have started to rot ought to be replaced quickly before the damage spreads to the rest of your siding. 

Siding is Cracked, Warping, or Loose

With this siding issue, it is imperative to contemplate the idea of a fix rather than replacement. On the off chance that one board of the siding is all that’s loose, it would be enough to repair the damage and have your siding looking great again. The same goes with a little break or one little space of twisting. Replacing just those sheets is a quick, simple, and cost-friendly fix that helps avoid having to spend huge amounts of money on a replacement if left ignored.

If the issues with your siding have caused too much damage though, replacement is a more reasonable solution. Trying to fix such damage would just cost you more money as the repair will not likely hold up.

Despite how broad the damage is, broken, free, or broken pieces should be taken out from your home and must be replaced. This keeps water from leaking behind the damaged pieces. 

Presence of Damage Caused by Bugs

Bugs, rodents, and birds can all cause damage to your siding. Bugs—like termites, honey bees, and subterranean insects—would all be able to tunnel their ways into your siding, emptying the siding and debilitating its primary structure. Birds, like woodpeckers, break openings and take breaks in your siding. Also, rodents can fit through holes and openings to unleash devastation in your interior.

If you find evidence of pest harm like frail siding or openings, it’s an ideal opportunity to replace your siding. Without legitimate consideration, bugs can spread to different home spaces, which can be avoided with new siding.

High Energy Bills

Siding plays an enormous move in home protection. Breaks, openings, and damage to siding can cause higher energy bills because of loss of warmth, which might be evidence of your requirement for a siding replacement.

While roofing and insulation play the biggest part in-home energy problems, siding can likewise significantly have its effects. If all issues with your roof have been addressed and you continue to have energy bill issues, you may have time to look into problems you may have with your siding.

Reasons to Replace Your Siding this Summer

Spring and fall are the busiest seasons for siding contractors, meaning you will have to plan it far ahead of time. The mid-year can be one of the most favored times to plan your siding installation. Not only will the contractor be able to plan the job according to your timetable, but they will also probably have more workers available, making it easier to meet your timeline.

Summer tempests can postpone your plans (no one needs to be in a house while being pelted with rain), however, generally, the summer climate can offer an open door where workers can bounce at work without interference. Furthermore, on the off chance that it gets warmer, siding installers know to handle portions of the house that are in the shade first and move with the sun to avoid excessive heat during work.

Another thing to consider is cost. While contractors are not as delayed in the mid-year as they are in the colder time of year, there is a decent possibility you’ll get a better rate in the summer than you will in the spring or fall.

Let us take care of your siding installation!

If you see at least one of the signs mentioned above, it’s an ideal opportunity to put resources into siding replacement, and our team can help. It is our goal to ensure that your home exterior investment lasts for a long time. 

At All Weather Exteriors, we have installed vinyl, James Hardie siding, and everything in the between. We have long years of experience in exterior and roofing services and use profoundly trained workers to install siding for our customers. We have years of experience and expertise with siding installation and we are prepared to advise you on your project and do the installation any month of the year. If you have inquiries regarding the kind of siding you need for your home and when the best and ideal time to do it is, just contact us. We know the significance of quality siding and how a proper installation can expand the existence of your siding, so schedule a free appointment with us today by calling  (204) 510 2959. Together we can get your exterior looking and performing great at the same time.

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