How Different Types Of Weather Impacts Your Roof

Roofings systems are built with futures that can go from 20 years to even 70 years, contingent upon the product quality and installation. But the weather and climate conditions  assume a significant role in how well your roof will hold up throughout the years. While the impacts of climate change keep on intensifying our weather, it is a significant topic to think about before purchasing your next roof. Assuming you’re contemplating a replacement in the near future,  learn from the best Winnipeg roofing contractor how harsh climates impact your roof and how to choose the best material for your area.

All Weather Exteriors provided high-quality roofing services in Winnipeg,Manitoba for more than a decade. Our workmanship guarantees your roof investment is maximized. Whenever you work with us, you’ll never worry about your roof again.   

So, how will the weather impact your new roof? Since we are always eager to assist you with understanding your roof, we will respond to that and more. 

The Effects of Weather on Your Roof

Winter Weather

Low temperatures and snowfall are the ideal formula for ice damming. Ice damming happens when the heat from the inside of your home melts the snow on your roof. As the snow runs down your roof and goes into your gutters, it can refreeze and begin to develop. Ice dams ordinarily build up at your eaves and in the valleys of your roof. As the ice dam develops your roof loses its water-shedding capacity and water can back up and goes inside your house. On the off chance if rake is available, an extraordinary method for forestalling ice damming is to rake the snow off 3-6 feet up from the eave. If you foster significant ice damming, call an expert who offers high-pressure steam removal. This is the most ideal way to eliminate ice dams and forestall damage to your roof system. Ice build up won’t just prompt leaking yet can make major damage to your roof and lessen its useful life.

Spring Weather

April showers bring May Flowers, however they likewise bring roof leaks. Shingled roof frameworks by design are not waterproof, yet rather are water-safe, meaning they are expected to shed water. As your roof ages, it can lose its water-shedding capacity as sealants, embellishments, and different changes in the roof framework start to make it vulnerable.Dark colored spots on the ceiling are commonly indicated as a roofing issue and should not be disregarded. Getting a roof leak early and attending to it can save you a sum of money in the interior damage. Not only that but little breaks when left untreated can transform into major expensive fixes, or even require replacement. Try not to overlook even the smallest roof leak!

Summer Weather

 If you live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, you are obviously aware that summer is one of our state’s best seasons. With numerous lakes in the State, a ton of us can be observed spending mid-year days and evenings enjoying the water and warm climate. The somewhat high temperatures that go with Winnipeg Summers combined with the moderately enormous temperature swings, can be hard on your roof. As the roof ages, the UV inhibitors in the roof framework start to deteriorate. When a roof starts losing its UV stability, hot summer sun and high temperature lead to extension and compression and thermal breaking (Cracks in the Shingles). Also, as the shingle loses its UV stability the granule cement releases and your roof will start to lose granules. Granule loss is the #1 marker that your roof is approaching the end of its helpful life.

Fall Weather

Fall is without a doubt one of Manitoba’s most spectacular seasons. As the leaves change, they also begin to fall and trash both on your roof and in your gutters can mean trouble for your roof. It’s essential to clean garbage off of your roof and gutters to forestall water backups and spilling inside the house. At All Weather Exteriors we offer gutter cleaning, gutter protection, and gutter maintenance and replacement.

Severe climate can likewise assume a part in the degradation of your roof.  The two biggest contributors to roof damage are hail and wind. Hailstones (when marble size or bigger) can destroy the underlying integrity of your shingle. Very much like hail, wind can significantly harm your roof. Wind can and will break shingle seals, brush off shingles, and in some cases impact the primary integrity of your roof system.

How to Pick the Right Roof Material for Your Climate

With regards to picking a new roof material that will stand up to your particular climate, you need a Winnipeg roofing expert close by to help you, and while you’re mulling over a future roof replacement and are worried about how harsh climates will impact your roof, you can contact us right away at 204.510.2959. We have the knowledge and experience to weigh your necessities best with the type of harsh climate that’s common in our area.

Assuming you experience hail at your house, it’s essential to call a licensed Winnipeg Roofing Company for a free inspection. At All Weather Exteriors our HAAG Certified Inspectors are prepared in distinguishing hail and wind damage, and can assist with helping you in the insurance claim process should the damage necessitate a claim. 

Our team is one of the most trusted roofing companies in Winnipeg, So needless to say, we know what Winnipeg homeowners need when it comes to durable roof materials. Reach out today!

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