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Ice storms are the silent threats of winter and Winnipeg residents experience higher than average snowfall. Severe ice storms and winds can damage your roofing system significantly. Some roof damages may be obvious, however, some may go unnoticed causing further damage to your roof over the years. Given these circumstances, it is always a good idea to have a complete visual roof inspection by a certified Winnipeg roofing contractor to prevent roof damages.

Since we understand the needs of roofs in Winnipeg, many homeowners rely on us every year for winter maintenance on their roofs. And as part of a leading Winnipeg roofing company, we at All Weather Exteriors guarantee to provide quality service in a safe and timely fashion and ensure zero damage to your roof or property while we complete your roofing project. 

Here are the things you need to know about how winter can cause damage to your roof: 

Damage from Ice Storm Winds

Serious ice storm winds can cause huge damage to shingles when left unprotected. Water during storms can harm the underlayment and cause decomposition of the rooftop. Eventually, water will leak freely into your home, causing more extreme damage. Strong winds likewise have the capacity to lift the flashings which are intended to fasten shingles, and once these are damaged, ice or downpour water can get under the shingles. This situation requires an immediate solution because ignoring it can additionally cause mold, extensive rooftop damage, or ruin the drywall. 

Damage from Snow or Ice

Winnipeg can experience mild to severe snowfall during the winter season. A day’s worth of ice weight on your roof can cause some serious issues. More often, snow does not soften for quite a long time and can be stressful for your roof. At the point when temperatures dip under freezing, the water from dissolving snow can likewise freeze, which develops ice on your roof. This can bring about a roof breakdown due to over-burdening of ice on the top. In this case, homeowners need a quick treatment to eliminate the snow or ice in the roofing systems before they cause more damage. 

Aside from the damages mentioned above, below are the most common ways ice and snow can cause harm to your roof: 

  • Missing, split, or broken shingles can come about because of falling ice or slushy downpour 
  • Dented metal, especially on gutters and flashings
  • Missing granules that were knocked off by freezing rain or falling ice
  • “Bruised” shingles that can break and allow water entry
  • Twisted or skewed gutters, penetrated by ice

Damages from Fallen Trees or Tree Branches

In addition to damages caused by ice and snow, tree branches or even an entire tree may fall on your rooftop in the winter especially during a storm, creating holes on your roof. These holes provide water with entry into your home interiors, causing more damage than you can imagine.

Unfortunately, not many homeowners in Winnipeg know about the appropriate precautions to protect their roofs from severe ice damage. Most certainly, calling a professional roofing company in Winnipeg can help to identify ice storm damage as well as help minimize it.

If you want to know more about how All Weather Exteriors can help you with issues that winter brings about to your roof, as well as any home painting or home exterior needs that you may have, give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with our professional recommendation.

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