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Keeping the value of a home is one of the most important, yet very challenging things for a homeowner to achieve.  Home maintenance requires a lot of work like roof repairs / replacement, soffit and fascia repairs / replacement, electrical updates, and other necessary home improvements that will help the house and its areas function efficiently.

Aside from having the home improvement projects mentioned, painting is one of the easiest, fastest and cheapest ways to go if you just need to give your house a fresh look. All Weather Exteriors is a Winnipeg painting company that can help you with most of your home maintenance needs.  We guarantee the quality of our work, making sure that you get your money’s value.

In addition to choosing the right Winnipeg painting company to do the job, we have prepared a short list of tips for you to help you make your paint last longer:

  1. Proper Preparation.  Preparation is critical when it comes to quality, long-lasting paint jobs.  Before you start with anything, be sure to check for damages first.  You need to check for cracks, rotting, and molding then take necessary action.  If you find holes, make sure that they are filled and sealed.  The entire surface needs to be thoroughly cleaned and sanded as it needs to be smooth before it is primed for the paint to adhere properly.
  1. Use of the Right and Quality Paint.  As there are different types of paint, make sure to use one that is appropriate for the material of the surface to be painted.  In addition, no matter how expensive quality paints may be, it is always best to use them as they last longer and will save you more money in the long run.
  1. Regular Cleaning of Your Home Exteriors.  Keeping your home’s surfaces clean will make your paint look fresh for a longer period of time.  Although pressure washing may help to remove accumulated dirt, too much pressure may cause the paint to chip, aside from other damages it may cause to the surface so make sure that you do it properly and carefully.
  1. Regular Inspection.  It is also always good to have a regular inspection done to check for signs of elements that may compromise the durability of your paint.  If dampness, rot, infestation, and mold are evident, be sure to consult with a Winnipeg painting company to address the problem immediately before damage occurs or before it becomes extensive if it has already.


Aside from all the tips mentioned to make your paint last longer, it always helps to have the right people do the job for you who will guarantee the quality and the efficiency of work.  All Weather Exteriors leads not only in Winnipeg roofing but it is also a trusted Winnipeg painting company that can help you with all your home interior and exterior painting needs.  We have some of the best painting experts in our team who can provide you with the best recommendations and best solutions to your home painting problems.

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